If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes…

I took some time off last week to meet a friend in Indiana who—like me—had grown up there. He was traveling back for a family get together and had asked if I would be interested in taking a long weekend and heading back that way myself. Being a certified road-trip whore, I said, “Sure!”

In typical Hoosier fashion, the weather was weird. It was in the fifties when I hopped in the car in Iowa, and by the time I hit the toll road in Gary, the wet lake-effect snow was pulling the snowplows out of their warm and dry pole barns so they could help slow traffic down to a crawl.

The following day, I took advantage of the unique mixture of clear skies, ample snow cover, and fog to go grab a few of the images below. I’ve also included several from the circuitous drive back home across Indiana, Illinois, and Eastern Iowa, long after all the snow had melted.