Of phase one

I hit a milestone yesterday, and in the process, ended something really special to me, an ending that had to happen in order to make way for a new beginning. The very definition of “bittersweet.”

I wanted to acknowledge the importance of the occasion by capturing some images that showed how I felt about the push-pull of ending something valuable to begin a new phase. Honestly, I haven’t felt this way since my son was little and he would hit some achievement or other, signaling that he was doing what he was supposed to be doing: growing up. (Yea!) But, it also meant he didn’t need me in that specific capacity any more. (Boo!)

The place pictured below has meaning to me, a place I’ve visited frequently when times were tough or when I needed to do some forest bathing, so I decided to go there on this frigid November day in Iowa. It’s a perfect place to feel sad and happy at the same time.

Is all of this cryptic enough? If so, it isn’t intentional. It’s just all I’m comfortable sharing right now. Hopefully, the images will make you feel sad in a good way. Or happy in a sad way. I’m not exactly sure.