Or not, it’s cool either way

In a totally small-world sort of experience, I met some really cool people, the kind that you seem to have a history with immediately. They run a skate shop in the NewBo section of Cedar Rapids called Eduskate, and are the very definition of “salt of the earth.” Nate, owner and former pro skater, and his wife, Lindsey, are doing a great job of keeping the local skate scene alive and fresh by doing what they can to support local skaters.

Here’s a vid of Nate tearing it up back in the day—if anything, he rides stronger these days. (A quick search on YouTube will bring up plenty more to check out.)

I have to be honest: When Nate first asked me to tag along with him and the crew, I wasn’t expecting much. Of course, i was dead-wrong—these guys all skate at a very high level, location be damned. I totally get why Nate and Lindsay are doing this—there is a serious amount of talent in this area.

And by the way, Nate hails from Portland via San Diego, heading to the Midwest after a hugely successful pro-skating career. I don’t suppose I need to add that he rips it up at a very high level, too.

The following are a few pics from a couple of sessions Nate and the gang were kind enough to let me tag along on: