Creating a Scene

Last week I had a session with my good friend Tori. Tori works as an interior decorator for a furnishings design center and had requested some images for promotional use as well as social media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The goal was to show Tori in her work environment. Even though we were in a retail-service environment, there were plenty of textures and colors available to help create a setting that illustrated the work that Tori does, as well as highlight the services offered by her employer.

Here are some images from the session along with a portrait done earlier as part of this job. With the exception of the portrait, everything was shot with a single strobe—in this case, and Einstein head with a Vagabond Lithium Extreme battery—and an 47-inch octobox modifier. The portrait was done with a clamshell light setup, with an Einstein with a beauty dish up top, and another Einstein with a 47-inch octobox pointing up from about two-feet off the ground. The key-to-fill ratio was around 2:1.