Prints available

Another Dance Arts Iowa recital is in the books, and we have images of the inspired performances. To help you remember the special day, or to share with friends and relatives who weren’t able to attend, we have the following print options available to you.

We have the following sizes available:

  • 4˝ × 6˝ @ $4 each
  • 8˝ × 12˝[1] @ $10 each

For square images, we have:

  • 5˝ × 5˝ @ $6 each
  • 10˝ × 10˝ @ $20 each

Fine art archival print options

We also offer fine art archival printing on high-quality papers and inks for larger sizes up to 13˝ × 19˝ (12˝ × 12˝ for square-formatted images). Reach out to discuss paper, matting, and pricing options.

Make your own prints

If you have an online or local printing service that you like to use, we also offer high-res, print-optimized files for $25 per image. We also include an electronic document that provides permission to print.

How to order

Choose the image number or numbers that you would like, choose a size or sizes from above, then contact me here either by phone or email, and place your order. Payment is due upon receipt, and we accept all major credit cards.

  1. For panorama images, we recommend ordering 8˝ × 12˝ with the understanding that there will be blank space at the top and bottom of each image that you can either trim, or use as a border in an easier-to-find, standard-sized frame.  ↩