About me

While working as a journalist many years ago, a staff photographer who partied hard and a soon-to-be-deceased rock ’n’ roller conspired to force me to pursue photography. (For more details, buy me a drink when you have an hour or so to spare.) While the shot that day was missed (and the rock ’n’ roll icon passed away shortly thereafter), I vowed, to paraphrase Scarlett O’Hara, to “never be (dependent on another photographer) again.”

It didn’t take long to reach my initial goal of capturing in-focus shots that were suitable for print when our staff photog was “indisposed.” But a funny thing happened along the way—I ended up really digging photography, well beyond my immediate meat-and-potatoes goals.

It was around this time that two very fortunate events occurred: I began freelancing, allowing me to manage my own time. And I picked up a longterm writing and editing (and photography and video and…) gig that allowed me to work alongside some of the best commercial photographers in the industry. Again, fortunately, they were all very cool and took me under their wing, offering me plenty of mentoring as well as occasional second-shooter duties.

I took advantage of the flexibility I had, taking their examples and tutelage and putting them into practice. And that was the start of what has brought me here nearly a decade later, a photographer who strives to capture honest portraits that offer a glimpse into the person behind the image. I like to approach photography like a still from a movie, with as much movement and atmosphere as possible. I also enjoy taking “scenic” (for lack of a better term) images of places and things that convey the vibe and feeling of the location.

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